2020 represents a pivotal year for the insurance industry and will mark an important structural change in demand, supply and the way insurance policies are distributed. The violent impact of the global health emergency is the reason why the structure of the Annual Report published by CESIA – Centro Studi Intermediazione Assicurativa – changes this year

CESIA is an institution created by CGPA Europe to promote the prevention of professional indemnity risks. It is intended to bring together intermediaries, insurance companies, but also Italian regulators, university professors and magistrates around the issue of good professional practice and the professional indemnity of insurance intermediaries. CESIA’s work, which is the subject of public meetings and publications, has led to the emergence of practical solutions designed to reduce the risk of claims and contribute to strengthening the professionalism of intermediaries.

The fourth edition of the annual report, which will be presented during a webinar scheduled for Monday 28 September, will be mainly devoted to the events of the current year and not, as usual, to a study dedicated to the past year.

The publication will be presented in digital format and sent to registered participants. It will contain an in-depth analysis of the impact of Covid-19 on the insurance mediation sector, its consequences and the solutions proposed by insurance companies to deal with this unprecedented crisis. The protection needs of individuals and companies will be highlighted, as well as the business opportunities available to agents and brokers as their risk profile evolves.

The fourth edition of the Annual Report will therefore be devoted to a study of this theme with presentations by Massimo Michaud, coordinator of CESIA; Andrea Dalla Villa, CGPA Europe claims manager; Professor Sara Landini (Covid-19 and adequacy of products in Non-Life business) and Professor Pier Paolo Marano (EIOPA guidelines and intermediaries: the impact on Life insurance), both members of the Scientific Committee of CESIA.

The Annual Report will also contain a section dedicated to the liability of insurance intermediaries for the intentional misconduct of their employees, as well as a report on the activity conducted by CESIA in 2019, presented by Massimo Michaud.

 European Observatory on Insurance Intermediaries: the seventh edition is coming soon

The second event proposed by CGPA Europe this autumn is the seventh edition European Observatory on Insurance Intermediaries.

The Observatory’s presentation date is set for Thursday, October 22nd, and will also take place in the form of a webinar. 

The presentation of data on the demographic evolution of intermediaries and their performance in Life and Non-Life sectors will be accompanied by a study on the use of social media by insurance agents and brokers, as will highlight how this channel plays a central role in the development of business and customer relations. This study is carried out by the Bocconi University Observatory on the Insurance Market, headed by Patrizia Contaldo. 

The webinar will end with a round table discussion, moderated by Maria Rosa Alaggio, Director of Insurance Connect, with the participation of representatives of agents’ and brokers’ associations.